Frequently Asked Questions

Associate Members are given a standard size booth at every conference, free with their membership. They are permitted to attend all functions of the conference with proper registration and meal packages except the IFPA Annual Meeting that has a BY-Laws restriction
All members are permitted to attend regularly scheduled board meetings. You would be permitted to have voice, but not a vote. Board meeting sites and dates are posted regularly in TIP and at our website.
Yes, and we encourage it. Please call or email Danielle Burnett at 866-224-8151 or email
We always have a limited quantity of TIPs for filing purposes, and will supply you with what we can. You can read TIP online at, usually a couple of days before it is printed. You can also look at back issues and email separate pages

YES! Any IFPA member in good standing can sell CADNET ads. As a member publication you receive a 30% commission for each ad you sell. For more information visit
Yes and No, we have delt for many years with King and Ballow in Nashville TN. Mark Hunt of that firm writes a monthly column in TIP . Mark can be reached at 615-726-5497 or Be sure to tell him that it is an IFPA call
Email us through CLICK HERE - CONTACT US or call 866-224-8151

A Over the last several years the site has been dictated by the State or Regional association that we have partnered with. The location for board meetings is traditionally done by the sitting president. All sites are presented to the board for their comments and suggestions
The rebate checks are calculated based on several factors:
  • The total revenue that was sold into CADNET during the last 6 months
  • How many ads did your paper run
  • What your circulation is as a % of the total circulation

    Rebate checks are issued twice a year. Once in August for the first half of the year (Jan-June). And then again in February for the 2nd half of the year (July-Dec).
  • A If your publication has been a member in Good Standing for 1 year from the acceptance of your application AND you participate in our CADNET program you are entitled to a FREE audit from CVC. Please contact CVC at 1-800-262-6392 and ask for Tim Bingaman
    A There are several for both Regular and Associate members. Two that are a must for a regular member are Independently Owned and Free Distribution. These qualifications and others can be found at our website and link to How to Join

    Rebate checks are issued twice a year. Once in August for the first half of the year (Jan-June). And then again in February for the 2nd half of the year (July-Dec).
    Usually . IFPA underwrite a substancial amount at each conference, summit, or cam.
    The registration fee and meal packages are only a small percentage of the final cost of Speakers, Hotel, AV, and many others. Most of this income comes from the membership running the CADNET Ads