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By Jane Means

Jotted By Jane


The old song (I think from Scouting) … “Make New Friends, but Keep the Old” continues with “one is Silver but the older Gold.”

As we hear SO many comments particularly about IFPA’s Publishers Summits, I’m reminded about that song. Most recently, prospective member Jimbo flew in from Maine to attend a Summit in Florida to see if joining IFPA would be beneficial for his publications. After the Summit, he immediately joined.

When I asked Joyce Frericks, our newest board member, what attracted her to IFPA. “The networking!” When I talk with members, inevitably it is mentioned how valuable and important it is for each of us to help each other solve problems. We are SO excited about changing our “norm” of having a September “conference” to a Leadership Summit. 

The committee has focused on all aspects of Leadership in our publications – Publishers (duh), Sales Management, Circulation, HR, Production – we’ll be ready to talk about it all. 

Katie McNabb (TN) commented that it would be beneficial to have an expert evaluate our papers’ designs and advise how we could design them to be more Reader Friendly for the future. Great idea Katie! The committee hired Ron Reason. He will review our papers ahead of time and give us tips on how we might present ourselves better. Can’t wait!

Several members remarked on how we need more inner action, helping each other and let’s not forget our famous Idea Exchange! Once again, the committee is on it! They’ve got a great plan to make this a very worthwhile 2 days. 

Add all that together and then consider your 2-night hotel room is INCLUDED in the registration fee. I believe this is the best value we have ever created for our members. We are excited and hope you are too. If you’ve never been to an event, please consider this one. If you’ve been to many, we’ll see you in Philly. The board is ready to welcome YOU! We are ready to “Make New Friends (and) Keep the Old”

Hope to see you in Philly in September!