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By Jane Means

Jotted By Jane

When there are two or more publishers in a conversation, challenges are identified and problems get solved. This last Publishers Summit was no different. We had thirty some publishers. Ideas were flying. I took notes – pages and pages of notes.

Even though we did talk about the digital world for a portion of the meeting, I came away so encouraged that the fact our print products will continue to be the strength and many of our members have experienced nice growth with print. (I wrote lots of notes about what those members had to say!) Several publishers are creating glossy monthly niche magazines and have found they have subsidized revenue quite nicely. 

The thing I found most interesting is some papers have brought back promos we bused twenty and thirty years ago! These promotions ran their course at the time and hence were eliminated from the calendar.  They are back! And they are better looking than ever – adding four-color process and an updated design for the 2018 audience.

Tim Bingaman is always a wealth of information. The CVC audit is an extremely valuable IFPA member benefit. The Readership Study that is coupled with the audit gives us the ammunition to sell a lot more advertising. And the “extra” benefits CVC offers are truly priceless.  Tim gave us the best tip ever on how to get more inserts customers. CVC has supplied us with the audit reports of our daily competitors. WOW! We are now armed and ready to go after way more insert clients. Thank you Tim!

Even though we all face challenges, it sure is nice knowing we are all there for each other, offering solutions and creating valuable publications in our communities.