From the very first meeting of IFPA it has made the difference between success and failure in multiple facets of our business. It is refreshing to interact with people who see the world through publisher's eyes and can relate to our success and problems. You will be hard pressed to find more honest , hard working people in any organization. This is an organization that brings far more value than it costs to participate in. I can honestly say for every dollar we have invested in dues, or space in our paper it has come back to us 10 fold at minimum. More like 10 times 10 fold. You can do the math. That is just the monetary gains. Throw in peace of mind and friendships. Priceless.

Mark Helmer and the Helmer Publishing Family - WI

I started in this business working for a free community paper that was owned by a paid daily in another city. I joined a regional association and wanted to join IFPA but couldn't. When I went to work for a locally owned free paper one of the biggest perks was membership in IFPA. I felt like I had finally “made it” in the industry when I could attend IFPA meetings and learn from the best.

Douglas Fry - TN

IFPA, without a doubt, helped to shape the way I looked at our industry. The friendships I have made are priceless. My IFPA peers are my “go-to” people when I have a question or challenge. I have used ideas that I have gotten to sell millions of dollars of advertising.

Doug Fabian | Reminder Publications – MA

I can say that we have undoubtedly made thousands and thousands of dollars from ideas I have picked up at the IFPA conferences & Publisher Summits! Plus, the ability to network and share ideas with peers from across the country has been invaluable.

Dan Buendo | Reminder Publications – MA

IFPA has been an important part of my life for more than 30 years. Not only have I earned a boat-load of money from ideas that have been shared among the members, but I have also learned how to run my company more efficiently and profitably. But the absolute best part of IFPA is the many friendships that I have enjoyed. Having friends I can call on anytime, for anything, has been the key to my sanity in this roller coaster we call the newspaper industry.

Deborah Phillips | The World - VT

IFPA has helped us and all its members compete in local communities. Advertisers have a lot of choices; IFPA members with audited numbers and readership survey results verify why IFPA member papers offer advertisers the strongest audiences.

Jane Means | Kapp Advertising Services, Inc - PA

I started at The Shopper right out of college. Being introduced to IFPA soon after has helped me in so many ways over the past 20 years. I met mentors who gave advice and were available at any time for my many questions and to bounce ideas off of. I also learned how other size papers and papers in other markets handled certain issues. The contacts you make at an association like IFPA are immeasurable.

Eileen Curley - IL