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President's Message

President’s Column…

By Jane Means

Jotted By Jane

By the time you read this column, the IFPA Publishers Summit would have been completed. No doubt there was great conversation, valuable networking and many challenges solved.

Looking back at my IFPA participation through the years, there was never an event that I did not come home with a new money making idea or problem solved. Now, let’s not kid ourselves, there were many times that I came back with a super idea and it took MONTHS for me to find the time to implement! Some promos ran their course, three years for some and decades for others.

In a recent email exchange between Blain Fowler, Valerie Stokes and myself, Blain makes mention of ONE of the many ideas that Val presented at IFPA. The promo is “Year in Review,” Blain thought that sounded like a promo that could work for his publication and implemented it the end of that year. Twenty-nine years later, Blain summarizes with saying that The Camrose Booster sold about $10,000 a year into Year in Review for the last 29 years totaling $290,000! He was remarking how that ONE idea has more than paid for ALL his IFPA dues, travels and accommodations!

Luckily we have all taken home many, many ideas and we’ve sold hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars simply from sharing ideas. The stories that fellow members bring to our organization are priceless. The successes that each member reveals, the promos that are shared, the challenges that are discussed are so invaluable for all of us to take back to our own publication. Let’s face it, IFPA has saved all our tails one way or another!

I am confident this past Publishers Summit has all the attendees ready to make money in 2019! If you didn’t make it to Clearwater, mark your calendar to join us in June in Chicago!

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