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President's Message

President’s Column…

By Jane Means

Jotted By Jane

As we begin our Thankful season, I of course first list my wonderful family and friends followed by my good health.

I’m so grateful to work for a family-owned publication. It is also time to thank our predecessors who started decades ago to network with other free community papers across the continent to help each other. That spirit in IFPA is as strong today.

Looking over the pages of notes from our September Leadership Summit in Philly, I have several moneymaking ideas that were presented – new ideas and very promising ones for us. We had so many great ideas and comments from all the attendees in Philly. Thank you. 

I heard great comments about how Doug Fabian got the event started with a fun ‘Getting To Know You’ activity – a super way to become fast friends with new faces. Thank you. We also owe a lot to Douglas, Danielle and Gary for organizing another very successful meeting. A nice size hotel, perfect for friends to gather and not get lost! Thank you. The committee for this event did an awesome job. Thank you.

As for speakers, let’s face it, there are many times we guess and hope we’ve hired interesting speakers with an intriguing presentation and valuable information. We hit a home run with Ron Reason! He gave us such great ideas on how we can make our papers fresher looking, more appealing to the readers. I’m particularly thankful for all the great ideas that cost nothing!  

We cannot say enough about Tim Bingaman, CEO of Circulation Verification Council (CVC).  I’ve heard Tim speak literally hundreds of times and each time he introduces another detail (or twelve) about the strength of our free community industry. Your Audit and Readership Study are truly the keys for your sales reps to be able to validate how your publication will perform for every advertiser, large and small. Thank you Tim for giving us more ways to prove our value.

As IFPA president, I speak for all the members when I say a huge Thank You to the IFPA Board of Directors – a dedicated group of professionals who truly believe in the merit of IFPA and the value to its members. Every board member is a very responsible and watchful steward of your organization’s funds. Thank you.

I’m so thankful for all our IFPA members who make this organization stronger each year. Thank you! May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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